Recorded continuity and isolation tests of cablings

AVIO-TEC has the technical equipment for programmed continuity and isolation testing up to 1060 VAC/1500 VDC including functional testing of components such as resistors, diodes, switches, indicator lights, relays, etc. up to 6,144 test points.



Engineer services

AVIO-TEC will develop any measuring and testing equipment you require including the preparation of complete construction documents, such as specifications, wiring schemes, parts lists, manufacturing lists, technical drawings.



Personnel services
We will support your projects and tasks by providing widely trained, highly-qualified technical personnel in the field of aircraft electronics/avionics.

As a special personnel provider, AVIO-TEC has a framework contract for commercial personnel leasing with EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company).

AVIO-TEC has permission to lease personnel on a commercial basis under the Temporary Employment Act (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz - AÜG).


Project planning/project management/project design

Consulting on the installation of complex electrical test equipment.



Top services offered

2011/05/12:: Exhibitor at the AEA (Aircraft Electronics Association) Europe Regional Meeting in Cophenhagen

2007/08/18:: Authorized to perform ground manoevres and taxi aircraft up to 5,7 TOW (single/twin prop, turbo prop, jet)

2008/04/01:: Aviation products and completed operations liability insurance: grounding of aircrafts, personnel leasing

Products Übersicht

1. Special cable production
Production of Special- and MIL cables


3. Aluminium profile frame case
High-quality aluminium hollow profile cases. For built-in units of each type such as front plates, built-in housings, foam fittings etc.

4. Connectors/Contacts
We offer a huge range of different connectors/contacts.


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