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About our company

AVIO-TEC was founded in 2000 and has been a renowned manufacturer and supplier of aircraft equipment from the outset. The company has been based in Bavaria since 2006. Our services are highly recognized in the following segments:

1. AVIO-TEC electronics: production of measuring- and test units, customer-specific electric and electronic test units for aircraft equipment. Cable termination of small-, middle- and large series, manufacture to specification,.

2. AVIO-TEC aircraft engineering: offers services such as specifications, development and preparation of construction documents (wiring schemes, construction drawings, parts lists, requirement specifications etc.) as well as reverse engineering of non-documented systems, components and test equipment.

3. AVIO-TEC aviation personal leasing: permission to lease personnel on a commercial basis - partner in personnel services for challenging deployment of skilled personnel in the field of aviation.

+++ MEASURE - VALIDATE - TEST WORK at constant Temperature (-25°C ... +180°C) +++

Laboratory System ISOTHERM-R3



under programmable, constant temperature conditions in aviation- and space- technology, medical and laboratory facilities and everywhere, applicable for temperature sonsors/ -switches or other components to be tested

Laboratory system ISOTHERM-R3 full description:


ISOTHERM-R3 / Part-No..: 3AT0318

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

EMAIL: info@avio-tec.de

Phone: +49 (0)89- 30 70 8529

Systems: Break-out-Box System

Our Break-out-Box System is universial useable for the test of electric- and avionicequipment. The boxes are dust- and spray water sheltered, stackable, flexible and portable.

Break-out-Box in a closed finish with DSUB 8360-50P bolted locking (8630-05). Through-connection over DSUB 50P over 2mm banana jack (red/black) with 2mm strapping plug with pickup.
U(max) 230 VAC /VDC I(max) 6 A each breakou


Break-out-Box Labor System BOB-DSUB 50




Break-out-Box BOB-DSUB 150



Adapter set

with mask


Break-out-Box BOB-DSUB 100



Adapter set




3M, Aero Electric Connectors, AMP / TYCO, Amphenol, Blinder, Deutsch, Contact, DDK, DMC, Glenair, Harting, Hellermann Tyton, Hirschmann, Huber & Suhner, ITT Cannon, Radiall, Raychem / Tyco, Souriau, Wago, WEE-TECH

Company news

2011/05/12:: Exhibitor at the AEA (Aircraft Electronics Association) Europe Regional Meeting in Cophenhagen

2007/08/18:: Authorized to perform ground manoevres and taxi aircraft up to 5,7 TOW (single/twin prop, turbo prop, jet)

2008/04/01:: Aviation products and completed operations liability insurance: grounding of aircrafts, personnel leasing

Products overview

1. Cable termination
Production of special- and MIL cables


3. Aluminium profile frame case
High-quality aluminium hollow profile cases. For built-in units of each type such as front plates, built-in housings, foam fittings etc.

4. Connectors/Contacts
We offer a huge range of different connectors/contacts.



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