Aluminium profile frame cases for front plate installation

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Cases consisting of high-grade natural-anodized 10.5 mm thick hollow profile side walls. All fastening elements are accommodated by this high-quality hollow-profile frame construction in the hollow space, invisible from outside.

Top and bottom boards consisting of 2 mm thick, lightweight, impact-resisting and break-proof aluminium polyethylene aluminium composite boards.

Chrome-plated and heavy-duty hardware elements can be replaced.

Cases can be stacked and ensure a smooth-walled rectangular-shaped interior that offers proper possibilities for front plates, built-in housing, foam fittings.

Upon request, cases can be ordered in a dust-proof and hose-proof manner acc. to DIN 40 050 IP.

Cases can be fully recycled.

AVIO-TEC uses these high-quality cases for break-out boxes and other measuring and testing equipment, because the case system has proved highly effective.

If you need other case sizes, we will be happy to prepare the appropriate sized case for you



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