Breakout-Box: BOB-DSUB-50 Lab

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+++ NEW Break-out-Box Lab System +++

General View

Mainbox with cover

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Appositon of two boxes to a combination Breakoutbox BOBDSUB 100

Detail view


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Mainbox with a special mask "DEMO"

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Optional equipment for Breakoutbox BOB DSUB 50 Lab

Stack- and protection cover

Part number: 2AT22153

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COVER-U-100 Part number: 2AT22154

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Adapter cable DSUB-50 standard length 2m, 3m, 4m

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Product 2AT2215: BOB-DSUB-50 Lab-System
Break-out-Box with DSUB 8360-50P. Through-connection each 2 x DSUB 50P over 2mm banana jack (red/black) with 2mm strapping plug with pickup.
U(max)230 VAC /VDC I(max) 6 A each Breakout
Test voltage: 1500VDC/ 1060 VAC Service temperature: -15°C ... + 120°C

Our Break-out-Box System is universial useable for the test of electric- and avionicequipment

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+ Hit- and shock resistant closed plastic housing

+ 4 rubber feet on the bottom site for a stable service

+ mounted with each 50 pcs. 2mm jack black/red

+ 2 pcs. DSUB-50-PIN connectors mounted from the outside

+ 50 pcs. jumper plug 12mm with pick up

+ wired with 55PC-0111-22-9

+ Inklusive ALPHA- or NUMERIC- Mask

Optional equipment:

+ Stack and protection cover (Part number:2AT22153)

+ COVER-U-100 mounting device for two BOB-DSUB 50 Lab (Part number:. 2AT22154)

+ Mask for various adapter cables

+ ALPHA mask/ NUMERIC mask

+ Adaptercable

+ DSUB-connection cable double sided connected with Souriau 8630-series

+ DSUB connector with slide latch

+ Specific requirements according to the customers request

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