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- Cable termination -

Product AT001: Cable confection / cable fanning
Production of cable, harness, plug connection regarding customer requirement/specification.

- Rockwell Collins PRO LINE 21 -

Product: Rockwell Collins PRO LINE 21 Test-adaptions
DME-4000, NAV-4000, NAV-4500, VHF-4000, ADF-4000, TDR-94

- Connection cables (for Breakoutboxes, hig voltage test systems, Hochspannungstestsysteme, more) -

Product: Connection cable 64-pole double-sided connected of Souriau 873-76X003 / 873-76X004



Product: Connection cable for testsystem DIN 41618 HD 64-pole double-sided (multipole connector 72 pole) (Harting)



Product: DSUB-connection cable double-sided connected with Souriau 8630-series 25- / 50-pole 8630-25S / 8630-50S



Latest products

2. Aluminium profile frame case
High-quality aluminium hollow profile cases. For built-in units of each type such as front plates, built-in housings, foam fittings etc.

3. Connectors/Contacts
We offer a huge range of different connectors/contacts.


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